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Your Boat Options

Queen Mary

Queen Mary

“Queen Mary” This is an 18’ long self-bailing Sotar raft. The Queen has two bench seats and can safely and comfortably accommodate 1 to 6 guests and the guide. If you’re a bit on the nervous side or just want to relax or soak up some sun, the Queen Mary might be what you are looking for.

Loaded to Row!

Loaded to Row!

Paddle Raft

Are you more of a team player, then the paddle boat or paddle assist would be more your style?  Our paddle boats are 14’ self-bailing Sotar rafts. Since the paddle boat is smaller it is also a bit sportier. It can accommodate up to 7guests and one guide. The guest all sit on the side of the raft each guest has a paddle. The guide give instructions and everyone works as a team, this raft is my personal favorite.

Self-Bailing Kayak

Big Fun!

Look No Hands!

If you are a one on one person, then you’ll want a one person self-bailing kayak. These kayaks are 12’ long and are self bailing. They comfortably accommodate 1 adult or an adult and a small person. In these kayaks it’s you and the rapids we give you the line then it’s all you. These kayaks are a favorite on all trips.


2-in the Kayak?

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