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Wine Tour Menu | Rogue River Outfitters

We have our 1st nights menu for the Rogue River Wine Tour done.  Look at this, after a day of rafting the world famous Rogue River we will come ashore at Black Bar Lodge around 4:pm. Then some hors d’ oeurves will be served that are had picked by Christine to pair with her selected wines.  Then comes dinner…

  • NY Steaks and Chinook Salmon
  • Spinach salad w/ homemade spinach dressing ( sweet)
  • Balsamic Asparagus stir fry
  • Wild Rice
  • Dutch Oven biscuits

I know Christine and Chris are working  closely with Tina and Paradise Lodge to pair our second nights main course and deserts. So stand by for the second nights plan for the Wine Tour. But we know with their exciting hand pick choices of Southern Oregon Wines they will be spot on.

July 20-22, this trip is a lodge to lodge with only 4 seats left, book today! 🙂


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